Invitations & Announcements

We are paper junkies here at Pap√©l New York. ¬†We just can’t get enough of it. ¬†We believe in helping couples set the stage for their HUGE day.

Enter Raegan . . . she works closely with her clients to create beautiful invitations and personalized stationery that truly reflect the unique nature of each event.   The Gals at Papél become part of your special day, and we take that very seriously.

We’ve been building some great relationships with our Brooklyn Brides, Mommas, Poppas, and well, the entire family over the past 6 and half years.  And we are constantly evaluating and editing our intimate selection of invitations and announcements.  More importantly, we understand the need and expectation for ultra-attentive customer service and a hands-on approach to every custom project, whether it be letterpress or foil stamping, digital or offset.

Okay, super important thing to remember . . . your invitation sets the stage and tone for your event. ¬†Whether it’s on an apple farm, overlooking the ocean, or with the backdrop of manhattan as you take your vows, we can help you choose the invitation that not only fits your style and aesthetic, but also your budgetary needs.

The custom design process begins with a phone or in-person consultation, followed by a personalized price quote and ultimately the design and proofing process. ¬†While we do love a good conversation over the phone, we find that meeting in person and looking through our invitation portfolios really helps us get a sense for what you are looking for. ¬†It’s a process, I’m not gonna lie. ¬†But it is a helpful one at that. ¬†As you flip through the books, even if you do not know what you “like” you can at least start to figure out what you don’t like – which is equally as important.


1. You meet with Raegan or one of the awesome gals that work at the shop. ¬†You’ll take a snoop at the designs we have, select a few and we’ll take it from here. ¬†Remember, two things you will probably change as you flip through the books: color and font. ¬†So don’t be swayed if you see something in hot pink and pewter and prefer it to be in navy and yellow. We’re gonna change that. ¬†Not to worry.

2. We’ll send you an itemized quote. ¬†It will be clean, super easy to read, and we’ll even include some photos of the designs you picked out. ¬†Did I say it was itemized?

3. Fall in love with a design, customize it by choosing your colors, fonts, and paper stock.  Want all the bells and whistles? Then add embellishments like corner rounding, edge painting, envelope liners, and more.

4. Send us your text. We always proofread your copy before placing the order and offer suggestions where needed.

5. Once we have your order details, we require a 50% deposit to secure the vendor and place the order.  Depending on which vendor we work with, you will receive your first PDF proof in 3-4 business days.

6. It’s a bit of a dance from here. ¬†We go back and forth during the proofing process to help make your design perfect for print.

7. Once you approve the design, your order will print in 10-15 business days, again, this will vary depending on which awesome vendor we work with.

8. Voila! ¬†The goods get delivered to the shop or drop shipped to your home. ¬†Stop on by, unwrap your invitation, settle the balance, and get them out in the mail! ¬†We’ll even set you up with a local calligrapher in the neighborhood. ¬†It’s a one-stop-shop.

EASY PEASY, right?  So if you are interested in learning more about the inviatation process, give us a ring and make an appointment with Raegan or one the Gals at Papél. Take a snoop Рchances are, you will find something that you LOVE.