India & Purry is a capsule collection of decorative pieces for the home by artist Jessica Hollander. Jessica is a Brooklyn artist with a deep reverence for nature and its nuanced beauty.

The collection is derived from her oil paintings, using small sections of larger canvases. She considers each of the paintings to be portraits, studying and celebrating the unique intricacies of specific trees and flowers and using this dialogue to transmit the peaceful, healing energy of nature. The resulting designs bring the charm of the outdoors inside to counter the plasticity of modern living and elevate the home.


FrogAspect was established in 2007 by Einat Burg Cohen, 38, a mother of 2, and an art jewelry designer. Graduated in multi-disciplinary design with a focus on costume design for performance arts. Originally from Tel Aviv, Israel, she relocated to Brooklyn in 2016.

The name FrogAspect derives from her curiosity to the frog’s metamorphosis, changeability, and the way the animal’s body transforms with movement. She started her business with a singular collection of handmade theatrical scarfs made out of fabric scraps using knotting and threading techniques in a repetitive way. Further on, that evolved into a wide line of textile necklaces using mostly stretch fabrics with spandex, which she has found as a very playful and versatile material.

The process of manipulating the material and exploring its behaviors, transforms and reveals new textures, transparencies, and shapes that give it a whole new feel, resulting in unusual organic textures and forms.